alaCarte Maps
Renderer for OpenStreetMap tiles
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Cpip::pinfo_parser::attribute< Context, Iterator >
 Cbasic_rect< T >
 Cbasic_rect< coord_t >
 Cbasic_rect< double >
 Cbasic_vector2< T >
 Cbasic_vector2< coord_t >
 Cbasic_vector2< double >
 CCachedStringRepresents a string which is cached into an internal cache
 CCairoLayerThis file is part of alaCarte
 CColorTableSimple table for name to color mappings
 CCompareObjects< IdType >Sort objects according to osm-layer and z_index (and id for determinism)
 Cexcp::ErrorOut< Info >
 Ceval::Eval< TargetType >Represents a value in a style template
 Ceval::Eval< std::vector< TargetType > >Same as eval but with more than one value
 CHttpRequestParserParser for incoming requests
 CJobAbstract Class which computes Tiles by a given TileIdentifier
 CLabelStores bounding box and style of a label that needs to be placed
 Cboost::spirit::qi::make_primitive< pip::tag::pinfo, Modifiers >
 CMaybeCachedStringRepresents a string which could be cached into an internal cache
 CObjCounter< Obj >
 CRenderAttributesA RenderAttributes object contains mappings from NodeIDs and WayIDs to Style objects which define how the Node or Way has to be rendered
 CRTree< id_t, data_t >::RLeaf< _id_t, _data_t, leaf_elements >
 CRTree< id_t, data_t >::RNode
 CRTree< id_t, data_t >
 CRequestManager::RunningQueueThis file is part of alaCarte
 CSelectorItemRepresents a part of the style selector
 Ceval::STNodeThe interface for nodes in the syntax tree
 CStyleA Style stores the MapCSS properties for a single Node or Way, or a Relation of type multipolygon
 CStyleTemplateA StyleTemplate is the "raw" / "unevaluated" form of a Style specified by a single MapCSS rule
 CTileIdentifierA TileIdentifier identifies a Tile
 CTypedId< TypeNumber >
 CZoomSimple structure to store a zoom range