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ParserLogger Class Reference

#include <parser_logger.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for ParserLogger:


class  LogStream

Public Types

enum  Category { Error, Warning }

Public Member Functions

 ParserLogger (const string &parsedFile)
 Creates a new parse logger. More...
LogStream warnStream ()
 Returns a warn stream. More...
LogStream errorStream ()
 Returns a error stream. More...
void warn (const string &str)
 outputs an warn message More...
void error (const string &str)
 outputs an error message More...

Private Member Functions

void logToStream (Category cat, const string &str)
 prints a message to the log More...

Private Attributes

std::ofstream outputStream
string filename

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file parser_logger.hpp.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Definition at line 35 of file parser_logger.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ParserLogger::ParserLogger ( const string parsedFile)

Creates a new parse logger.

parsedFile the name of the filename associated with this stream

Definition at line 80 of file parser_logger.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void ParserLogger::error ( const string str)

outputs an error message

Definition at line 111 of file parser_logger.cpp.

ParserLogger::LogStream ParserLogger::errorStream ( )

Returns a error stream.

the new error stream

Definition at line 102 of file parser_logger.cpp.

void ParserLogger::logToStream ( Category  cat,
const string str 

prints a message to the log

cattype of the message
strstring to be outputed

Definition at line 132 of file parser_logger.cpp.

void ParserLogger::warn ( const string str)

outputs an warn message

Definition at line 120 of file parser_logger.cpp.

ParserLogger::LogStream ParserLogger::warnStream ( )

Returns a warn stream.

the new warn stream

Definition at line 92 of file parser_logger.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

string ParserLogger::filename

Definition at line 73 of file parser_logger.hpp.

std::ofstream ParserLogger::outputStream

Definition at line 72 of file parser_logger.hpp.

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