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Statistic Class Reference

#include <statistic.hpp>


struct  AvgMeasurement
class  JobMeasurement

Public Types

enum  Component {
  Cache = 0, ComputeRect, GeoNodes, GeoWays,
  GeoRelation, StylesheetMatch, Renderer, GeoContainsData,
  Slicing, Size
typedef boost::posix_time::time_duration duration
typedef boost::posix_time::ptime ptime

Public Member Functions

shared_ptr< JobMeasurementstartNewMeasurement (const string &stylesheet, int zoom)
void start (shared_ptr< Statistic::JobMeasurement > &job, Component component) const
void stop (shared_ptr< Statistic::JobMeasurement > &job, Component component) const
void finished (shared_ptr< Statistic::JobMeasurement > &job)
void setStats (shared_ptr< Statistic::JobMeasurement > &job, unsigned int nodes, unsigned int ways, unsigned int relations)
void printStatistic () const
 ~Statistic ()

Static Public Member Functions

static const shared_ptr< Statistic > & Get ()
static void Init (const shared_ptr< Configuration > &conf)

Private Member Functions

void writeToFile (const char *filename)
string componentToName (Component component) const
 Statistic (const shared_ptr< Configuration > &config)
 Statistic (const Statistic &)

Private Attributes

shared_ptr< Configurationconfig
boost::mutex bufferLock
std::vector< shared_ptr< JobMeasurement > > measurementsBuffer
boost::mutex avgLock
AvgMeasurement componentAvgs [Component::Size]

Static Private Attributes

static shared_ptr< Statisticinstance
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Detailed Description

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Member Typedef Documentation

typedef boost::posix_time::time_duration Statistic::duration

Definition at line 33 of file statistic.hpp.

typedef boost::posix_time::ptime Statistic::ptime

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Member Enumeration Documentation


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Statistic::~Statistic ( )

Definition at line 46 of file statistic.cpp.

Statistic::Statistic ( const shared_ptr< Configuration > &  config)

Definition at line 35 of file statistic.cpp.

Statistic::Statistic ( const Statistic )

Definition at line 101 of file statistic.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

string Statistic::componentToName ( Component  component) const

Definition at line 161 of file statistic.cpp.

void Statistic::finished ( shared_ptr< Statistic::JobMeasurement > &  job)

Definition at line 110 of file statistic.cpp.

static const shared_ptr<Statistic>& Statistic::Get ( )

Definition at line 83 of file statistic.hpp.

static void Statistic::Init ( const shared_ptr< Configuration > &  conf)

Definition at line 89 of file statistic.hpp.

void Statistic::printStatistic ( ) const

Definition at line 86 of file statistic.cpp.

void Statistic::setStats ( shared_ptr< Statistic::JobMeasurement > &  job,
unsigned int  nodes,
unsigned int  ways,
unsigned int  relations 

Definition at line 61 of file statistic.cpp.

void Statistic::start ( shared_ptr< Statistic::JobMeasurement > &  job,
Component  component 
) const

Definition at line 72 of file statistic.cpp.

shared_ptr< Statistic::JobMeasurement > Statistic::startNewMeasurement ( const string stylesheet,
int  zoom 

Definition at line 52 of file statistic.cpp.

void Statistic::stop ( shared_ptr< Statistic::JobMeasurement > &  job,
Component  component 
) const

Definition at line 79 of file statistic.cpp.

void Statistic::writeToFile ( const char *  filename)

Definition at line 142 of file statistic.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

boost::mutex Statistic::avgLock

Definition at line 116 of file statistic.hpp.

boost::mutex Statistic::bufferLock

Definition at line 107 of file statistic.hpp.

AvgMeasurement Statistic::componentAvgs[Component::Size]

Definition at line 117 of file statistic.hpp.

shared_ptr<Configuration> Statistic::config

Definition at line 106 of file statistic.hpp.

shared_ptr< Statistic > Statistic::instance

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Definition at line 101 of file statistic.hpp.

std::vector<shared_ptr<JobMeasurement> > Statistic::measurementsBuffer

Definition at line 108 of file statistic.hpp.

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