alaCarte Maps
Renderer for OpenStreetMap tiles
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NevalThis file is part of alaCarte
 CAlacarteImporterAppThis file is part of alaCarte
 CAlacarteServerAppRepresents the Server-Application
 CAttributeTypesSymbols for the attributes
 CBinaryTypesSymbols for the binary operators
 CCachedStringRepresents a string which is cached into an internal cache
 CCairoLayerThis file is part of alaCarte
 CColorGrammarA grammar to parse a mapcss color
 CColorSymbolsSymbols for the binary operators
 CColorTableSimple table for name to color mappings
 CCommentSkipperGrammar to skipp c/c++ style comments
 CCompareObjectsSort objects according to osm-layer and z_index (and id for determinism)
 CConfigurationRepresents a set of options accessible via strings
 CHttpRequestParserParser for incoming requests
 CHttpServerA HttpServer waits for connections and creates HttpRequests
 CJobAbstract Class which computes Tiles by a given TileIdentifier
 CLabelStores bounding box and style of a label that needs to be placed
 CMapCSSGrammarThe grammar for the mapcss format
 CMaybeCachedStringRepresents a string which could be cached into an internal cache
 CMetaIdentifierA MetaIdentifier identifies a set of Tiles that a rendered together
 CObjectTypesSymbols for the objects
 CPNGRenderCanvasThis file is part of alaCarte
 CRenderAttributesA RenderAttributes object contains mappings from NodeIDs and WayIDs to Style objects which define how the Node or Way has to be rendered
 CSelectorItemRepresents a part of the style selector
 CSpecificAttributeCreatorThis file is part of alaCarte
 CStyleA Style stores the MapCSS properties for a single Node or Way, or a Relation of type multipolygon
 CStylesheetA Stylesheet parses a given MapCSS Stylesheet file and stores the defined rules
 CStylesheetManagerThe StylesheetManager provides an interface to get arbitrary Stylesheets from the stylesheet directory
 CStyleTemplateA StyleTemplate is the "raw" / "unevaluated" form of a Style specified by a single MapCSS rule
 CTileIdentifierA TileIdentifier identifies a Tile
 CUnaryTypesSymbols for the unary operators
 CZoomSimple structure to store a zoom range