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binary_operation_node.hpp File Reference
#include "settings.hpp"
#include "server/eval/stnode.hpp"

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class  eval::BinaryOperationNode
 represents and executes a binary operation in the eval syntax tree More...


 This file is part of alaCarte.


 This file is part of alaCarte. More...


enum  eval::op::BinaryOperationEnum {
  eval::op::Equal, eval::op::Unequal, eval::op::Less, eval::op::LessEqual,
  eval::op::Greater, eval::op::GreaterEqual, eval::op::StringEqual, eval::op::StringUnequal,
  eval::op::Add, eval::op::Minus, eval::op::Mul, eval::op::Div,
 Enumeration for all binary operations. More...

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This file is part of alaCarte.

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