alaCarte Maps
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The Macro Guide

Here is a list of C++ preprocessor macros and definitions used by alaCarte.

When I say definitions, I mean some compile-time options in macro-format.


With definitions you can control alacartes behavior at compile time.


Use this definition (in compiler settings) to prevent alacarte from catching every exception at the basement (see Application).


With macros, it “should” (😉) be easyer to program. Use it in your code and it will be replaced with something awesome!!!


If ALACARTE_TEST is defined, TESTING will be replaced with virtual. In the other case it will disappear.

# define TESTABLE virtual
# define TESTABLE


If this macro is reached, an NotImplementedException is thrown.

#define NOT_IMPLEMENTED() {BOOST_THROW_EXCEPTION(excp::FileNotFoundException());}


Use this to indicate, that something is not implemented yet. This will produce a log message at std::cout with the given _text ONCE!


Creates a new test case with parameters.

name is the name of the testcase.

... are the typed parameters for the test case.


int Add(int x, int y) { return x + y; }
ALAC_PARAM_TEST_CASE(AddTest, int x, int y, int expected)
BOOST_CHECK_EQUAL(Add(x, y), expected);

Note that ALAC_PARAM_TEST_CASE simply defines a function signature! The above code is equavalent with the following:

void AddTest(int x, int y, int expected)
BOOST_CHECK_EQUAL(Add(x, y), expected);

ALAC_PARAM_TEST_NAMED(_func, _name, ...)

Calls a test case with given parameters (actual).

_func is the name of the test case (e.g. AddTest)

_name is the name of the test. Will be printed on the output if the test case fails with the given parameter.

[...] are the actual parameters passed to the test case.


ALAC_PARA_TEST_NAMED(AddTest, Tests_If_AddTest_Is_8_with_3_and_5, 3, 5, 8);

ALAC_PARAM_TEST(_func, ...)

Calls a test case with given parameters (actual). A name for the test will be created depending on the line this macro is used. If you use this macro for example in line 78 and the test is AddTest, then the test is named AddTest_in_78.

This macro simply wraps ALAC_PARAM_TEST_NAMED. See there for more information about parameters.

ALAC_PARAN_TEST_(AddTest, 3, 5, 8);

ALAC_START_FIXTURE_TEST_NAMED(_name, _fixture, ...)

Starts a named fixture test. Creates _fixture with the given parameters .... Then tests can be applied. To end the test use ALAC_END_FIXTURE_TEST.

See guide for more information and examples.


Same as ALAC_START_FIXTURE_TEST_NAMED but with auto generated name.

ALAC_FIXTURE_TEST_NAMED(_func, _name, ...)

Calls a test case with actual parameters on a fixture. The test can be named.

See guide for more informations and examples.


Same as ALAC_FIXTURE_TEST_NAMED but with auto generated name.


Marks the end of an fixture test started with ALAC_START_FIXTURE_TEST or ALAC_START_FIXTURE_TEST_NAMED.